Product: Squids
Latin name:
• Todarodes Squid (spp:Todarodes pacificus);
• Illex Squid (spp: Illex argentinus);
• New Zealand Squid (spp: Nototodarus sloani);
• Neon Flying Squid (spp:Ommastrephes bartrami);
Origin: China

When most people think of eating squid, the breaded Italian antipasto calamari comes to mind. Squid actually boasts more versatility and can be used in a variety of recipes ranging from stuffed squid to stew. The meat is tender and succulent.

Squids usually are available as cleaned tubes (treated or untreated), rings, tentacles, tube and tentacles, etc.
• Wild caught
• Naturally low fat
• Excellent source of protein

Eating Qualities: Mild taste, firm texture
Cooking Instructions: Deep fry • Stew • Bake