Product: Surimi seafood
Origin: China

Surimi seafood is a processed seafood product made from surimi, a fish protein. Surimi seafood is a versatile, pre-cooked product with a mild, sweet flavor. It is a great seafood replacement for products such as shrimp, crab, and lobster. A ready-to-serve product, surimi seafood is also a popular choice in many sushi restaurants.
Sticks, filament style & minced style
• Flakes
• Chunk
• Shred
• Breaded crab claw with pincer or without pincer
• Imitation lobster tail
• Imitation shrimp tail
• Imitation scallop

Eating Qualities: Mild taste, delicate texture
Cooking Instructions:
Stick/flake/lobster tail/shrimp tail: defrosted and ready to eat;
Breaded crab claws/scallop: deep fry