Product: Vannamei
Latin name: Penaeus vannamei
Origin: China

Vannamei, or white shrimp as it is most commonly known, has surpassed black tiger to become the single most important commercial species of shrimp in the world. Vannamei has a crisp bite or snap and a pleasant shrimp taste. Vannamei can be seasoned and used in an infinite variety of preparations. It is great for retail and foodservice.
Vannamei are available as different specifications:
A. Raw, blanched, or cooked;
B. HLSO, HOSO, PTO, PUD, PND, PND tail on etc.
• Farm raised
• Naturally low in fat
• Excellent source of protein

Eating Qualities: Medium taste, moderate texture
Cooking Instructions: Boil • Sauté • Broil • Steam • Bake