Product: Cods
Latin name: Atlantic cod (spp:Gadus morhua); Pacific cod (spp:Gadus macrocephalus)
Origin: China
Cod is an important commercial fish and has been a mainstay of the seafood industry. It is a large, deepwater, round whitefish, providing thick, meaty fillets which are low in fat and have a good shelf life.
Frozen cods include fillets, portions, loins and tails by IQF or shatter pack both for retail and foodservice. Fillet blocks are for further processing into breaded portions. Molded fish (fish shape or stick) and other unglazed cod fillets/tail fillets/portions/loins are ideal for further breading.
Lightly salted Atlantic cod fillets, portions, loins are well accepted in South Europe as a substitute for traditional dry salted Atlantic cod.
• Wild caught
• Naturally low fat
• Excellent source of protein
Eating Qualities: Mild taste, moderate texture
Cooking Instructions: Pan fry • Bake • Broil • Microwave