Blue Snow Food Co.,Ltd.

Blue Snow Food Co.,Ltd. is a leading international seafood processor, exporter and importer in China. 

Blue Snow Food Co.,Ltd has registered capital of USD12,000,000. It is located in Ningbo Meishan bonded free trade port area and covers an area of 33,350 square meters and built-up area 29,000 square meters. There is a 30,000 tons cold storage and 8,000 square meters processing plants. The investment is more than USD46,000,000. The factory is HACCP, EEC, MSC, and ASC approved. The EEC number is 3302/02086.

Blue Snow’s main markets include China and International markets.Blue Snow frozen seafood products are popular in more than 8,000 supermarket stores in China and is No. 1 brand for frozen seafood in retailer areas in China. Blue Snow’s exporting department started from Blue Star Seafood Co.,Ltd, which was established in 1998.

 Blue Snow’s products enjoy a good reputation in Europe and Latin America markets. Blue Snow has the most strictly Quality Control System in China, and all experienced QC people work independently of production team from raw materials to loading to 100% guarantee stable good quality. Squids (Illex/Todarodes/Gigas/loligo etc.), shrimps (Vannamei/red shrimp), cods, salmons, tilapia, redfish, yellowfin sole, Alaska pollock, arrowtooth flounder, monkfish, johndory, bluefin searobin, silverfish, seafood mix, surimi products etc. are main products for exportation. Both Blue Snow brand and private labels are available. Blue Snow also aims to process high-value, premium products for exportation step by step.

 Blue Snow aims at providing best seafood products with good service to customers in various countries to meet the needs of value-oriented and health-conscious consumers all over the world.


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